Maybe it’s Time for a Website Redesign

Do you have an Outdated Design?

Maybe it’s time to consider a website redesign. We’re experienced in converting old, outdated websites into new, beautiful sites that are up to modern standards. This often includes making the website mobile responsive, which can be incorporated into any existing design and ensures the website looks and works great on mobile devices. Other times a complete site redesign is required – similar to a “gut remodel” when referring to residential construction.

Sometimes, customers are fairly pleased with their site, as are their customers. If this is the case, we might not have to completely redesign or create an entirely new site for your business. If you simply want to add some fresh new content, add a few pages to your current site, or modify the shopping cart feature on your e-commerce page, we have design and development experts on staff which can assist you with these services as well.

Sometimes a minor change can make a world of difference in terms of where your site is going to rank in the search engines. For example, simply changing the background color, the color of the letters on your site, and making it a little easier for visitors to read content, is all that is missing. In other instances, new custom theme design, or adding a few pages of content to provide visitors with more information about products, is what your site needs. Whether it is a minor tweak here and there, adding a few new pages, deleting some content, or adding other fresh custom work to your site, we can provide an extensive range of services for you to choose from, when providing this type of service to our customer.

Because every site, every industry and niche, and every customer has different goals in mind, we focus on adding value where the client believes it needs to be added. Our team will work with you and provide feedback/suggestions. However, we are never going to try to sell you on an idea you do not believe in, or something you think you do not want to promote to your customers. We will work with you, listen to your ideas, and come up with fresh content and changes, so you can truly see your site increase rank, increase customer attrition rates, and draw in an entirely new audience base, which you aren’t currently reaching, by making any set number of changes you would like us to make to your site.