What We Do

With a professional web design and web development team in place, we offer an extensive range of services to our customers. If you need a new WordPress site which is user friendly, navigable, and mobile friendly, we know which apps to include, which links to change, and which modifications have to be made on your site, in order to attain the desired features and overall look you want to see as a business owner. Our services do not end with designing a WordPress site however; some of the many service offerings we provide to customers include:
Wordpress Theme Design
Wordpress Theme Development
Mobile Responsive Design
Optimization Services

How our Services differ from competitors

We want to provide our customers with a personalized experience. Therefore, unlike traditional design and development services which simply “build a site,” we make it a focal point to help our clients tell their personal story. From informing the customer about the reason the business owner chose to go into business (in a particular industry), to providing an in depth story about the product line, how the concept was developed, and how their business came to be, we want to give customers as much information as possible, to help them better connect with your company.

We believe our services give our clients a competitive advantage. When your end customer knows how passionate you are about your business (product/services offered) they are more inclined to become a repeat customer. The end customer wants to build a relationship with your company, because they feel like a part of the family/business entity.

But, how exactly is a “story,” told by web development and design services? What kind of imagery will a customer learn about a business by visiting a website? Some of the ways which we can implement a story include:
1. The use of images, animation, design, and art
2. Adding a personal touch or element to the website. We do this by creating custom themes, custom written content, and custom tailored quotes/visions your business has, to better serve your clients.
3. The inclusion of personal stories. Whether it is discussing how your business is family owned and has been servicing the local community for over 50 years, to teaching or telling a story about how your business came to be, we add personal touches and nuances, so the customer can better understand your business.